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The Cheesecake Factory celebrates Earth Day with the BOTTLEBOX®


The Cheesecake Factory is one of Direct Pack's dear and long term partners. In celebration of Earth Day 2019 they have released their own version of the BOTTLEBOX® video, showing the huge positive effect they make on the environment by choosing to use BOTTLEBOX® containers made of recycled beverage bottles, instead of...

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Direct Pack volunteers clean up the LA River


On Saturday, April 13 Direct Pack sponsored and provided 126 volunteers for the Great LA River CleanUp organized by the Friends of the LA River (FoLAR) at Sepulveda Basin. This was the 30th LA River CleanUp, to capture hundreds of tons of trash before it reaches the ocean. It is...

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One billion bottles saved from landfill


One billion bottles! That's how many post-consumer recycled plastic bottles Direct Pack used in manufacturing in 2018.  As the number of BOTTLEBOX® containers used in the food service, supermarket, produce and processor markets is increasing, we are thankful to our partners helping us save more bottles than ever from landfills...

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New Product Innovations from Direct Pack


Do you like our new product innovations? Every now and then, we gather some of our new, innovative products in a collage. We call it our timeline pictures, because they show our design development and capabilities from earlier periods until now. On our fourth timeline, we feature several colors, prints...

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