Our range of one-piece hinged BOTTLEBOX® containers will cover all your needs from small 6×6″ to large 9×9″ and several rectangular versions. Clear or black, they are perfect for your deli, to-go display, or as doggy boxes. We have unique manufacturing capabilities, which enable us to make co-extruded containers. That means that you can get a black or colored base with a clear hinged lid to enhance your appetizing food! These hinged containers are made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic, which is not suitable for the microwave.

6x6 one-piece Hinged Tangerine with Lid - colored container

Why you’ll love it

Wide Selection of sizes:

5×7″, 5×9″, 6×6″, 6×8″, 8×8″ and 9×9“.

Color available:

tangerine, lime green, gold, white, black/clear, clear and black.

Design and Functionality:

Sturdy, clean, clear and stackable.


BOTTLEBOX® containers are made of post-consumer recycled the BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 1 PET beverage bottles. By using the one-piece hinged BOTTLEBOX®, you’re actively contributing to a more sustainable environment by reducing the need for new material and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. All BOTTLEBOX® containers except black can be recycled again.

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