The BOTTLEBOX ® Bakery range is here to solve all your bakery packaging needs with four two-piece containers that range in size from 5.5×5.5” to 11×11”.  These four sizes will replace all your mismatched SKU’s and help freshen up your bakery department by creating an outstanding, unified look. And, your customers will appreciate the ready-to-serve look. Elegant black bases and super clear lids, all made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic. They are not suitable for the microwave.

the BOTTLEBOX - Bakery Black Base Clear Lid

Why you’ll love it

Wide Selection of sizes:

5.5″, 7″, 9″, 11″ 13×6″, 9×5“.

Color available:

Black and clear.

Design and Functionality:

Sturdy, clean, clear and stackable.


BOTTLEBOX® containers are made of post-consumer recycled the BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 1 PET beverage bottles. By using BOTTLEBOX®, you’re actively contributing to a more sustainable environment by reducing the need for new material and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. All BOTTLEBOX® containers except black can be recycled again.

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