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the BOTTLEBOX - Our Story

Made from recycled the BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 1 PET bottles

BOTTLEBOX ® is the original takeout/food container made from post-consumer recycled the BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 1 PET beverage bottles. After use, the BOTTLEBOX ® can be recycled again.*

Using recycled PET reduces the need for new material, diverts plastic from landfills and oceans, and contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Watch our video to see our impact.

Innovative Design

BOTTLEBOX ® containers are characterized by clean lines, great geometry and high functionality. Add to that multiple color options and continuous innovation for your menu needs – and you’ll have unique, sustainable packaging options that will have your food standing out in the crowd.

* With the exception of black: Black bases are not recognized by optical sorters in the recycling facilities, and thus not recovered.

Why is BOTTLEBOX ® more sustainable than alternative packaging?

BOTTLEBOX ® containers are made from recycled the BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 1 PET plastic, which reduces the need for new material and diverts plastic from landfills and oceans.

Through recycling, PET plastic can be an infinite resource, and contribute to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Number of Bottles, Trees and Ocean icons


At Direct Pack Recycling we sort, wash and flake recycled PET material that then goes to one of our thermoforming facilities to be turned into new strawberry, lettuce, salad or take-out containers.

Watch our video to learn how BOTTLEBOX® containers are made!

How do you know it’s a BOTTLEBOX ®?

BOTTLEBOX® is the original and most recognized brand of recycled products in the food packaging industry. Each container is embossed with the BOTTLEBOX® logo and the minimum number of bottles included in each box.

number of bottles used to make a brand new take out food container
the BOTTLEBOX - lime green take out food container

Sustainable Packaging

What are the different packaging materials and how do they compare?
Learn about recycling and different kinds of plastic.

recycle 1 - PET
recycle 2 - HDPE
recycle 3 - PVC
recycle 4 - LDPE
recycle 5 - PP
recycle 6 - PS
recycle 7 - PLA