Both full service and fast-casual restaurants use our hot food containers for entrées as well as side dishes. Most of the bases are made of the BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 5 polypropylene (PP), which is microwavable and can withstand temperatures up to 220°F. Our range features both BOTTLEBOX® lids made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic and polypropylene lids that can withstand heat lamps.

entree and hot food container - 9x9 Black Entree Container with BottleBox Lid

Why you’ll love it

Wide Selection of sizes:

6×6”, 6×8”, 9×7”, 9×9”, 10×7”, 10×10”, and 10.25×10.25”.

Color available:

Gold, copper, lime green, black and clear.

Design and Functionality:

Sturdy, clean, clear and stackable.


Bases for hot food are made of the BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 5 Polypropylene (PP) which can withstand temperatures up to 220°F. Some lids are also made of PP, so they can be used under heat lamps and for reheating in the microwave.

Most of the lids for our hot food collection are BOTTLEBOX® lids, made of post-consumer recycled the BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 1 PET beverage bottles. By using BOTTLEBOX®, you’re actively contributing to a more sustainable environment by reducing the need for new material and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. All BOTTLEBOX® lids can be recycled again.

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