Microwavable bases. Sustainable packaging.

A new packaging solution with a clever protein insert.

fresh carrot and celery sticks pair with traditional hummus made from chickpeas and sesame oil served in 2-compartment dips and chips snack-size containers

10×7″ Black 2-Comp Polypropylene Base

  • Perfect for snack boxes to separate dips and chips.
  • Clear BOTTLEBOX® lids are made of post-consumer recycled beverage bottles.
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Grilled Salmon with Honey-Soy Marinade paired with white rice and broccoli served in the black BOTTLEBOX Hot Mediterranean large entree containers.

12×9″ Black Polypropylene Base

  • Serve it hot in our Mediterranean Entrée containers with a clever insert for protein.
  • Perfect for to go, prepared meals, and home delivery.
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12×9″ Black 3-Comp Polypropylene Base and Insert

  • Microwavable bases and inserts are made of polypropylene (PP) to withstand high heat.
  • Stackable and leak proof.
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