10X10″ Catering Tray – Black

PRICE FOR 150/CASE: $263.00

Crafted from post-consumer recycled PET, our Large Black Catering Tray is the ultimate eco-friendly option for showcasing your culinary creations.

Ideal for a range of dishes from crowd-pleasing entrees to gourmet salads, this tray is grease-resistant and strong, handling a variety of food with ease.

Complement this tray with our 10 x 10-inch Clear Lid & 5 Compartment Insert for an even more reliable solution in any catering scenario. Its sturdy construction not only resists spills and breakage but also prevents mishaps during transport or serving. Note: The lid and insert are sold separately.

Categories: , , , , SKU: DPI-10X10-B
  • Material: PET, Post-Consumer Recycled PET
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Design and Functionality: Sturdy, Clean
Sustainable Packaging:

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