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Welcome to the BOTTLEBOX® SHOP

Here you can buy most of our popular BOTTLEBOX® containers, all made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic. For assistance, please contact us at For large quantities, we can help you find a foodservice distributor in your area. You can check out our full range of BOTTLEBOX® products by downloading our brochures.

Payment is done through PayPal. We recommend that you use the link to the PayPal site. The direct credit card/Paypal alternative sometimes leaves the order pending, and we are working on solving that problem.

We ship directly to you by FedEx. US shipping rates will be added to each order. Tip: If we can ship to a commercial address, your ground freight will be much lower due to FedEx pricing policy for Home Delivery. Please contact us for shipping to other countries. See our Terms and Conditions.