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Fresh salad in recycled container

A recycling success

It’s simple. It makes sense. We make take-out containers of recycled beverage bottles. Launched in 2008, The BOTTLEBOX® is the original take-out container made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic. We have been committed to sustainability from the very beginning, saving millions of beverage bottles every year from landfill, by using them to make our stylish take-out containers. Our animated video shows how many bottles we have saved since 2011, and the positive impact that has had on the environment. Check it out!

Made from recycled bottles

PET is the most commonly used material for water and beverage bottles, and the most widely recycled plastic in the world. It has the recycling symbol ‘1’. So when you are finished with a bottle of water, make sure to put it in the recycling bin! After the bottles have been collected, sorted, ground into flakes and thoroughly washed, we turn them into useful and pretty take-out containers. Learn more about the process here.

And the best thing? The BOTTLEBOX® containers can be recycled again after use!


How do you know it's a BOTTLEBOX®?

It is easy to recognize a BOTTLEBOX® container as it is embossed with the BOTTLEBOX® logo and the number of bottles it takes to make it. Look for them next time you pick up lunch to go from a restaurant or a supermarket!

Making recycling attractive

As the demand for the BOTTLEBOX® continues to grow, we are excited to add new, innovative containers to the range. We’re all about making recycling attractive! Besides our containers’ characteristic clean lines, great geometry and high functionality, we offer six different colors and four different prints. We can also make containers in your own color or print! Who said a take-out container should be clear or black?

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