DPI’s latest patented innovation, the Active Cool strawberry container AC-1, brings both sustainability and cooling to the fresh strawberry market. It is important to cool the strawberries as quickly as possible after picking, to maintain freshness and increase shelf life. The current theory proposes that the more venting the clamshell has, the faster the cooling. DPI is now introducing Active Cool, which has venting holes strategically placed to maximize airflow even in the corrugated trays used for transportation. Studies show that this cooling process is considerably faster than if you use traditional vents.

The new container is made of post-consumer recycled PET beverage bottles and has been designed with 6% less material, making it one of the most sustainable alternatives in the market. Its square design also allows for enhanced merchandising, with seven instead of six containers facing the consumer on the shelf. Harvesting crews prefer AC-1 for fast packing and a more uniform face pack.
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