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9X7″ BOTTLEBOX Entrée base Copper

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Price: $158.00 | 500/case

Add a pop of color to your meal with this sustainable 9x7" container. This is a great way to have your meal catch your customer's eye and help the environment. Slightly smaller than our standard rectangular 10x7" base, it helps with portion control too. match with any of our 9x7" lids. Made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic. It takes a minimum of 1 bottle to make this BOTTLEBOX®.
Number of bottles Bottle
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Case pack 500
Dimensions (inch) 9.00 x 7.20 x 1.70
Fl oz 27
Weight 27.00 lbs
Cubic 4.37
TI/HI 5x6
UPC Code 84628200 2628
Number of bottles 1