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8 oz. BOTTLEBOX Square Deli Container

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Price: $59.00 | 600/case

A classic square 8 oz. container that will securely hold a wide variety of foods and fit perfectly in your display area or cooler. These containers will enhance the look and freshness of your food and inspire impulse buys. Buy the lid separately - one lid fits all four sizes. Made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic. It takes a minimum of 0.5 bottle to make this BOTTLEBOX®.
Number of bottles Bottle
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Case pack 600
Dimensions (inch) 4.50 x 4.50 x 1.50
Fl oz 8
Weight 13.00 lbs
Cubic 2,16
TI/HI 8x5
UPC Code 84628200 1171
Number of bottles 0.5