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How it’s made

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If you find the number ‘1’ embossed onto your water or soda bottle, you will know that your bottle is made from PET. Now your role in creating the BOTTLEBOX® is to place your used PET bottles into the blue recycling bin and we will do the rest.

Our customers are your schools, hospitals, favorite restaurants, markets and produce growers, so you might just find a BOTTLEBOX® at your school lunch room, in your local deli or at your favorite restaurant. Just take a look at the top and the bottom of each container you are given and check for the BOTTLEBOX® mark.

bottlebox bb 1If you find that you are holding a BOTTLEBOX® container in your hand – congratulations! You are helping to keep bottles out of the landfills, contributing to a more sustainable environment.




A recycling success

At Direct Pack we use millions of discarded water and soda bottles every year to make our range of BOTTLEBOX© containers. The stylish BOTTLEBOX© is the original take-out container made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic.


1) You recycle a plastic bottle.
2) The recycling center receives the bottles in big bales.


3) The bottles are sorted by color and ground up into flakes.
4) The flakes are thoroughly washed to meet food grade standards.


5) During extrusion the flakes are turned into large rolls of recycled PET.
6) The rolls are used in a thermoforming process to make the BOTTLEBOX® containers.

GREAT NEWS! The BOTTLEBOX® containers can be recycled again and again.

Download a PDF of The BOTTLEBOX® Process here.