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BOTTLEBOX® Product Catalog

Make a lasting impression with your customers by serving in our sustainable and colorful BOTTLEBOX® containers. BOTTLEBOX® are made of post-consumer recycled PET beverage bottles and can be recycled again. Microwavable containers also available.

Here you can download the Product Catalog for a complete rande of BOTTLEBOX® items.

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the BOTTLEBOX - Bakery Deli Catalog - Thumbnail

Bakery and Deli Catalog

With a wide range of high quality bakery packaging, we offer a variety of sizes and shapes to accomodate all your delectable treats to upscale your bakery and deli department.

*All products are made of PET unless otherwise stated.

Here you can download the catalog for a complete range of Bakery and Deli items.

the BOTTLEBOX - Flyer - Grab and Go

Grab and Go

the BOTTLEBOX - Flyer - Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl

the BOTTLEBOX - Flyer - Value Entree Container

Value Entrée Container

the BOTTLEBOX - Flyer - Entree and Hot Food

Entrée and Hot Food

Additional Resources

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We offer a customizable BOTTLEBOX® info-gram to be displayed in store or online to help explain why BOTTLEBOX® containers are more sustainable compared to other packaging.

Here you can download the BOTTLEBOX® info-gram online.

Table Tents

We offer a customizable table tent to be displayed on your table or counter to spread the sustainability message around the BOTTLEBOX® containers to your guests.