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Making recycling attractive

As the demand for the BOTTLEBOX® continues to grow, we keep adding innovative, great looking take-out containers made of recycled PET bottles to the range. Born in Southern California out of friendship, creativity and a wish to make recycling more attractive, BOTTLEBOX® prints is our newest collection. Available in 10×7” and 9×9”, we currently have four different prints made by well-known designer Kerry Cassill.


Merchandising fresh food is all about creating a feast for the eyes and to draw the consumer’s attention. Experience shows that adding color to your grab-and-go can increase your sales over 20%! Try the patriotic red/blue/white plaid for your summer promotions. Add a cool look with the bandana print in different colors. Or bring attention with the laid-back Chambray in blue or the exotic Hawaii in yellow and tangerine.


Do you want your own design on our containers? If you would like to match your take-out packaging color or print with your brand, please contact us. Customization is available from 800,000 pieces annually.

Plaid 9×9″

Bandana Tangerine 10×7″

Chambray 10×7″

Hawaii 10×7″

Bandana Black 10×7″

Bandana Lime Green 10×7″ deep