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Tired of black and clear containers?

We have the solution. Our most popular BOTTLEBOX® containers are available in six different colors that will enhance your food, increase impulse buys, attract your customers’ attention and strengthen your brand. Research shows that switching from a black container to our Lime Green container increased sales by over 20%!


Our colored stock range includes 5x7", 6x6", 6×8”, 8×8″ and 9×9″ one-piece hinged containers and 9x7" and 10×7” two-piece containers. They have the same environmental benefits, contemporary design and great functionality as the standard BOTTLEBOX® containers – with the added benefit of color! They are suitable for all kinds of cold food applications. As we are expanding our selection of hot food containers, we have added a 9x9" in Natural Gold and a 10x7" and a 20 oz. bowl in Copper. You can buy them directly in our shop where you will also find more information about each product.

Lime Green



Natural Gold

Pearl White

Tropical Green