The BOTTLEBOX® product range

The BOTTLEBOX® containers are made from recycled beverage bottles and come in many different sizes, shapes, colors and prints. You can buy and check out the details of each product in our web shop. Our products are also available through foodservice distributors. Please contact us for more information regarding distributors in your area.

Besides the wide range of stock products, we specialize in customization. Our passion is to develop outstanding packaging solutions with a strong focus on both visual design, functionality and environmental sustainability. Customization is available from 800,000 pieces per year.

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one-piece hinged

One-piece Hinged

Our range of hinged BOTTLEBOX® containers will cover all your needs from small 6×6″ to large 9×9″ and several rectangular versions. Clear or black they are perfect for your deli, to-go display or as doggy boxes. We have unique manufacturing capabilites, which enable us to make co-extruded containers. That means that you can get a black or colored base with a clear hinged lid to enhance your appetizing food!

Entrée and Take-out

Many of the most successful restaurant chains in the country are using our elegant, functional and sustainable entrée containers. Made for hot or cold food our entrée containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, compartments and depths. And not to forget a number of different colors and prints! The hot food bases are made with PP, Polypropylene, which can be re-used and also recycled in certain areas. You can choose between clear BOTTLEBOX® lids or choose clear PP lids for optimal heat tolerance.

supermarket deli

Supermarket Deli

Merchandising is everything. Our deli containers are not only functional, but also have an important element of design that will enhance the look and freshness of your food and inspire impulse buys. We have a number of top sellers like round salad and fruit bowls and square deli containers.


Add a POP of color! Our most popular BOTTLEBOX® containers are available in a multitude of colors. Research shows that adding color to your grab-and-go displays can increase sales over 20%. Read more about the BOTTLEBOX® colors here.


Making recycling attractive with the BOTTLEBOX® prints collection. Now you can get beautiful prints from Textile Designer Kerry Cassill on a selection of our entrée containers. Learn more here.