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The BOTTLEBOX® product range

Are you looking for sustainable take-out containers? The BOTTLEBOX® containers are made from recycled PET beverage bottles and come in many different sizes, shapes, colors and prints. Some of our containers are made from polypropylene (PP) to take higher heat. Only PP containers are suitable for the microwave. You can buy and check out the details of each product in our web shop. Our products are also available through foodservice distributors. Please contact us for more information regarding distributors in your area.

Besides the wide range of stock products, we specialize in customization. Our passion is to develop outstanding packaging solutions with a strong focus on both visual design, functionality and environmental sustainability. Customization is available from 800,000 pieces per year.

Detailed product information is found in our web shop. You can also download our brochures.

One-piece Hinged

Our range of hinged BOTTLEBOX® containers will cover all your needs from small 6×6″ to large 9×9″ and several rectangular versions. Clear or black they are perfect for your deli, to-go display or as doggy boxes. We have unique manufacturing capabilities, which enable us to make co-extruded containers. That means that you can get a black or colored base with a clear hinged lid to enhance your appetizing food! These hinged containers are made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic, which is not suitable for the microwave. 

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colorful containers for fast casual restaurants

Salad and Sandwich Two-piece

Many of the most successful fast casual restaurant chains in the country are using our elegant, functional and sustainable salad and sandwich containers. The sizes range from 7x7" to 10x7" in shallow and deep versions, which make these containers very versatile while keeping the same look. Serve in the restaurant without a lid, or add a lid to go! This range features all of our colors as well as prints, black and clear. With a couple of exceptions, these two-piece containers are all made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic, which is not suitable for the microwave. 

See all two-piece salad and sandwich containers.

Entrée and Hot Food

Both full service and fast casual restaurants use our hot food containers for entrées as well as side dishes. Most of the bases are made of PP, polypropylene, which is microwavable and can withstand temperatures up to 220F. Our range features both BOTTLEBOX® lids made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic, and polypropylene lids that can withstand heat lamps.

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matching versatile bakery containers


The BOTTLEBOX® Bakery range is here to solve all your bakery packaging needs with four two-piece containers that range in size from 5.5x5.5” to 11x11”.  These four sizes will replace all your mismatched SKU’s and help freshen up your bakery department by creating an outstanding, unified look. And, your customers will appreciate the ready-to-serve look. Elegant black bases and super clear lids, all made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic. They are not suitable for the microwave.

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Salad and Fruit Bowls

Great for merchandising fresh cut fruit or salads, and great for serving your customers over the counter. These clear BOTTLEBOX® bowls range in sizes from 16 Fl. Oz. to 48 Fl. Oz. and are favorites among both supermarkets and fast casual restaurants. These bowls and lids are made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic, which is not suitable for the microwave. 

See all salad and fruit bowls.

Deli containers

Merchandising is everything. Our deli containers are not only functional, but also have an important element of design that will enhance the look and freshness of your food and inspire impulse buys. We have a number of top sellers like square deli containers and more traditional rectangular versions from 8 Fl. Oz. to 64 Fl. Oz. We also have a great 3-compartment snack container (3 x 5 Fl. Oz.). These deli containers are made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic, which is not suitable for the microwave. 

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